Hospital Maintenance Software

Hospital Healthcare Maintenance Management System

Hospital Maintenance Management, managing assets and facility maintenance in the health care industry can seem like a steep challenge. Not with HippoFM! We provide you with the proper tools so that you can not only overcome these challenges, but to set processes in place so when issues do arise, they are quickly defeated.

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The HippoFM CMMS software is so successful because it was designed by the end user. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that our system is not only continuously improving, but also that we are meeting our client's goals and expectations every step of the way.

We have worked very closely with hospitals and healthcare professionals to ensure that we are providing relevant and necessary applications to those in the health care industry.

Infection Prevention and Control Module
Our Hospital Maintenance Management Software offers a Infection Prevention and Control module that allows nurses or administrators to digitally notify your maintenance crew when a room is closed due to diseases or hazardous airborne chemicals.

Hospital Maintenance Management SoftwareThe principal activities of the Infection Prevention and Control module are managed within Hippo using our made to order matrix solutions. Using the matrix system set by federal standards, the module provides checklists and tasks to be completed before, during and after the task at hand.

Administrators set the risk groups and activities, while your staff completes the added tasks. Information is never lost, always recorded and backed up onto your database.

Keeping it simple
It's simple, the Hippo Hospital Maintenance Management software is designed to minimize the amount of time nurses and clerks spend on the administrative functions of facility maintenance. We want you to keep your focus on what's really important- the patients.

When you enter into the system the first thing you see is the floor map of your facility. This visual element helps you to reduce training time and submit work orders with just a few clicks of the mouse. Simple, fast, and efficient.

HippoFM Software is fully loaded
Although the HippoFM CMMS Software system is designed to simplify daily tasks for users, the system offers features with all the bells and whistles. With over 15 different modules available you can utilize as much or as little of the different features available as you like. Not only would you have a powerful work order management system, but you could take advantages of features such as:

    Free preventative maintenance library
    Manage your inventory
    Maintain all your buildings and physical assets- Parts, equipment, etc.
    Record and manage your resources
    Maintain your fleet of emergency vehicles
    Have access to manuals and paper documents from anywhere in the world
    Access a powerful reporting tool that provides you exactly the data you need
    Set tasks and checklists for your maintenance crew to capture
    Manage your projects
        and so much more...

Customer Service Guarantee
In addition, our CMMS software provides free software upgrades bimonthly so that you can rest assured that you are using the latest and greatest version of Hippo at all times.

We provide free technical support, 24 hour-7 days a week guaranteed "up time", and a team of dedicated individuals to assist you every step of the way. Have an idea for a new feature? Let us know! Using the "submit idea" button in the HippoFM software system, you can let us know how we can further streamline the HippoFM efficiencies. We will work with you to customize the system to be a powerful machine made specifically for your organization's needs.

We set up the preventative maintenance schedules for all your pieces of equipment for you, import your floor plans into the system and plot all locations and pieces of equipment into the system.

When you log in for the first time, everything is set up and ready to go. We also dedicate a two day training session to ensure that all users know exactly how the system can help streamline their work load.

It's easy to get started, and with our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee you can't afford not to try it!
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